We have a menu of nearly every kind of annual and perennial that you can imagine

Floral Pics 007Urban Growers Greenhouse boasts 75,000 beautiful square feet of covered growing space and a menu of nearly every kind of annual and perennial that you can imagine for gardening. The staff brings plants to healthy maturity by carefully nurturing them in their climate-controlled greenhouses and following time-honored practices that ensure success in your garden.

At Urban Growers Greenhouse, we take great pride in offering the largest and most diverse display of annuals in Northeast Ohio, which ranges from the most popular varieties around to the newest unique hybrids, including varieties that will excite any garden enthusiast. We grow millions of annuals in our very own greenhouse each year, using knowledge passed down through generations so that you take home the healthiest and hardiest plants possible.

With our extensive selection of perennial plants to choose from, it’s no wonder why many people start at Urban Growers Greenhouse when creating their perennial garden. A leisurely walk through one of our greenhouses is sure to inspire you, so ask one of our perennial experts how to keep the color coming up all season long.

Because trees and shrubs are truly the cornerstone of a great landscape design, we offer a wide assortment from which to choose. From flowering shrubs, vines, evergreens and deciduous trees, you will find a breathtaking array of varieties, colors, shapes and sizes.

Floral plants aren’t only what we offer. We know how much Northeast Ohioans just love gardening, so we’ve put together a collection of vegetables that we know will just flourish for any avid gardener. From broccoli to zucchini, we have all kinds of vegetables for you to add to your garden. Come in today to see everything we have for you.

View our photo gallery below for a sense of the quality you get at Urban Growers Greenhouse and to see how you can stay out of the dark on shade plants with the spread of impatiens downy mildew.

This is one of the best run greenhouse and most innovative with the best variety of plants in my opinion. Love!